SPACE+ is one of the leading suppliers of storage solutions in Indonesia. SPACE+ offers well engineered and safe storage solution for the constantly changing business landscape, from palletised racking to mezzanine racking to ASRS racking.

With our 20 years experience in warehouse industry and 7 years specialising and focusing in storage solution, SPACE+ is developed to be your One-Stop Storage Solution.

We work with many institutions, from engineering consulting company to established universities, to ensure the products we offer are well engineered and safe. With engineering as the core of our business, we aim to improve your warehouse working environment with a vast range of products from pallet racking, mezzanine to rack accessories.

Having worked with variety of clients from large manufacturing companies and third party logistics to restaurant chain, we have storage solutions suitable for use in all sectors and industries. For some of our clients whose locations are prone to earthquake exposure, we also offer Seismic Racks to ensure safety within your warehouse.