Refrigeration Solutions

Save Energy, Reduce Cost

An effective cold storage needs a highly controlled environment to maintain the condition of its stored goods. Failure to do so will result in damaged goods and huge electricity bill. It is also a challenge of every company, whether they are building a new cold storage or modernizing an old one, to keep the energy consumption to a minimum without interrupting the cooling process chain.

The most crucial phase of cold storage design is at the planning stage. It is important to ensure design criteria is correct as mistakes at this stage can become very costly. MULIA 41 has an intense discussion with our clients to understand their requirements. With our many years of experience in this industry, we provide a customized well designed and energy efficient cold storage.

  • Our Technologies

    Isocab has more than 40 years of success in the insulated sandwich panel industry. We are renowned for our quality, innovation, reliability and customer service. The Isocab range consists of Clean Rooms, Modular Cold Rooms and Insulated Panel Systems, as well as a large choice of doors and accessories.

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    Dynaco high-performance doors are designed with total safety in mind. The design avoids dangerous bottom edges or rigid bars. It is simple: no dangerous parts in movement mean total safety for your workers. The flexible, lightweight door curtain that gently moulds itself also adds to your safety. Dynaco is a well-known brand in industrial fabric door technology that stands for ultra-safe and energy-efficient high-performance doors for commercial and industrial applications since 1987.

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    RefrigiWear was founded in 1954 in Manhattan, NY as an idea two brothers-in-law had. The business quickly outgrew the Manhattan location, so RefrigiWear moved to Long Island, NY, and remained for 30 years. In 1995, the business expanded again, and moved south.

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