About PT. Mulia Empat Satu

Drawing on our close to 20 years of experience in logistic industry, PT. Mulia Empat Satu understands that warehouse industry keeps evolving very quickly with technology. From the beginning, technology and engineering combined have become the core of our business. Specialised in design engineer, we aim to bring the best solution for warehouses. Crafted by our dedicated professional, technical, and support team, our best-value solutions save resources, increase efficiency, and maximize outcomes while maintaining a high industry standard.

Mulia41 offer racking systems, sandwich panels, supporting services and many more are still under development to provide not only best solution to our client, but also to raise the warehouse standard in Indonesia and beyond.

Our area of distributions: Indonesia, South East Asia, India.

Integrated Mulia System Includes:

Engineering - Consultation

Consulting, detailed design and feasibility studies.

Quality Product

Products that are in comply with International standard in terms of quality and safety.

Detailed Design

Installation, commissioning, validation, project Integrator.

Feasibility Studies

Warehouse Operator Training and Regular Inspection by SEMA Train Personals.

PT. Mulia Empat Satu is a distributor of a number of brands

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