About Mulia41

Mulia 41 exists to provide smart solution to the market which is also the core of the heart of our business.

The growth and development of existing land produce has almost reached its limit. As a result, the ability of the earth to meet the world demand naturally decreases. This leads to the development of man-made alternative methods which leads to industrialisation, namely food industries and supporting industries.

At the same time, the demand for land has also increased as can be seen from the significant increase in land prices. This happens everywhere across the globe, including Indonesia. However, we noted the variance of its occurance in the various demographic region based on the population density. Since this is a global phenomena, we have to be wise in facing this problem and make full use of any opportunities we have. Tight competition forces industries to be effective n efficient in the way they do their business.

Mulia41's area of distributions: Indonesia, South East Asia, India.

Integrated Mulia System Includes:


Consulting, detailed design and feasibility studies.

Quality Product

Products that are in comply with International standard in terms of quality and safety.

Project Management

Installation, commissioning, validation, project Integrator.

M Services

Warehouse Operator Training and Regular Inspection by SEMA Train Personals.

Mulia41 is also the distributor of numbers of European brand:

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